Web developer, programmer, graphic designer, animator.



Sasquatch Shoes // e-Commerce Website

Client: NSI TAFE Diploma Web-Development Assessment 2014

Website: Sasquatch Shoes

Involvement: Wire-framing, logo design, web design and development

Tools: HTML, JavaScript, CSS, PHP, MySQL, Photoshop

Brief: The client required a fully functional E-Commerce website and logo branding for a shoe retailer specializing in large shoe sizes.

Solution: The finished site features search filtering, account and logon support, checkout, as well as a fleshed out Admin dashboard for simplified maintenance.

Harrison's Electrical // Corporate Branding

Client: Harrisons Electrical Solutions 2015

Website: Harrisons Electrical Solutions

Involvement: Web Design and Development

Tools: HTML, CSS, Adobe Photoshop

Brief: The client required a professional yet simple website in order to advertise their Electrical servicing business.

Solution: The solution features simple intuitive navigation, responsive design, as well as interactive elements for potential customers to check the servicing area and get in contact with the client.


Icon Interiors // Portfolio Website

Client: NSI TAFE Cert IV of Web-Technologies (Design and Development) 2013

Website: Icon Interiors

Tools Used: Wordpress, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, Photoshop

Brief: The purpose of this project was to redesign and recreate the website of the interior design company Icon Interiors.

Solution: The website provides information on the company, allowing the user to learn about the employees, previous jobs, and current news; and allowing the user to contact the company.


Vessel // Generative Art Software

Client: Sydney University Design Programming Assessment 2015

Website: Vessel

Involvement: Design and Development

Tools: Processing.js

Brief: The client wanted a generative art program that generates a unique design variation based on the themes of movement and energy for a line of apparel.

Solution: The solution created an organic geometric shape that had aesthetic similarities to microscopic crystalline formations.


Flutter // Generative Animation Software

Client: Sydney University Design Programming Assessment 2015

Website: Flutter

Involvement: Conceptual Ideation and Development

Tools: Processing.js

Brief: The client required a new generative animation to be showcased on their website, Peep Project. The banner had to reflect the fun, creative learning style of programming that Peep aimed to deliver; as well as showcase the tagline “Learn to program. Creatively.”

Solution: The completed program depicted lines branching out from a centre point symmetrically, and splitting into multiple lines in an aesthetically pleasing manner. It portrays the simplicity of programming to create a visually stimulating piece


Collider // Projection Mapping

Client: University of Sydney Digital Media Production Assessment 2015

Website: Collider

Involvement: Animation, Asset Creation, Video editing

Tools: Adobe Photoshop, After Effects, FCPX

Brief: My team and I were tasked to create a visually engaging film focusing on the themes of Aboriginal Astronomy, Cellular Imagery, and the International Year of light; to be showcased as Sydney Uni’s Path to the Future event for Vivid 2015.

Solution: The completed video depicted a vibrant rising sun orbited by celestial bodies, all overlayed onto distinct crystalline formations provided to our group by American Bio-chemist, Linden Gledhill. We collaborated with Conservatorium of Music student Ciaran Frame, who created the sonically immersive soundscape for our piece.


St Matthews Island // Animated Narrative

Client: HSC Multimedia Major Work 2012

Involvement: Animation, Asset Creation, Narrative

Tools: After Effects, Photoshop

Brief: For my major work I wanted to create a rich narrative portraying the story of the reindeer of St Matthews Island using salient, stylized imagery and ominous audio.

Solution: The final animation was an immersive engaging piece, drawing the viewer in with the intriguing story and encouraging them to reflect with its final, deep message.

Clockwork // Animated Advertisement

Client: Enmore Design TAFE Cert III of Digital Design Assessment 2012

Tools: After Effects, Photoshop

Brief: The intent of this project was to create an advertisement for a watch.

Solution: I used a businessman travelling on his way to work using the gears and cogs within his work to arrive on time, like “Clockwork”.




Personal Clothing // Logo Design

Client: Sydney University Visual Communication Assessment 2015

Website: Personal Clothing

Involvement: Logo Design

Tools: Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator

Brief: The client wanted a fresh new logo that accurately reflected the vision and product quality of the technology firm and fashion house, Personal Clothing.

Solution: The final design depicted fusion of fashion and technology through the symbolism of a stylized clothes hanger hanging from a Wi-Fi signal.

Print Portfolio // Personal Branding

Client: USYD Visual Communications Assessment 2015

Website: Portfolio

Involvement: Layout Design, content, and print quality

Tools: Adobe InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop

Brief: I was required to create a visually stimulating portfolio to showcase my completed bodies of work, as well as portray my design style and personality to possible clients.

Solution: The final design layout and compiled content depicted my various skillsets and design process through an aesthetically pleasing medium. The professional print quality and attention to detail illustrates to the client my skills as a designer.


Wasteland 21.XX // Game Poster

Assessment for Cert III of Digital Design 2012

Tools Used: Photoshop

The intent of this project was to create a poster for a post-apocalyptic survival videogame. I used a solo bloodied figure limping away from a derelict city to depict the state of decay the world is now in. I textured the image to look worn and faded to how the poster would be seen from the in game world.